Manufacturing of products and development of techniques for the:

Waterproofing of under ground structures
Diaphragm walls, tunnels, carparks, swimming pools, etc.

Waterproofing of above ground structures
Platforms, dams, bridges, chimneystacks, domes, flat roofs, parking decks, etc.

Water tightening by means of injections

Protection of immersed structures
Terminals, platforms, pipelines, dam soles, etc.

Bonding / structural reinforcements

Waterproofing and anti corrosion linings to prevent:
Metal oxidation, concrete carbonation and other attacks.

Protective systems for the chemical, oil and food industries
Tanks, pipelines, decanter

Floors, facades, balconies, etc.
Hospitals, dust-free rooms, industrial floors.
Treatment of mineral substrates.
Anti graffiti protection.

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