Work References

 Bridge on the Tage River: Ponte Vasco Da Gamma - Lisbon, Portugal 
Watertightness and protection of bridge aprons with polyurethane systems
 Vessy Bridge - Geneva, Switzerland 
Anti-carbonation Protection: NOR 451
Protection of edges, sidewalks and deck, against chloride: NOR 60
Protection of the piles against abrasion during floods: NOR 60
 Watertightness and intensified protection against chlorides - Bern, Switzerland 
NOR 60 System
 Watertightness of bridge apron - Expressway Geneva / Paris-France 
Watertightness with polyurethane resins
 Norwegian Central Bank (Oslo), Spare Bank (Bergen), 2 underground stations (Oslo) 
Waterproofing of diaphragm walls
 Swiss Bank Corporation head office in Geneva 
Waterproofing of diaphragm walls
 The SHELL Refinery - Stavanger, Norway 
Repair of a chimney stack
NOR 60 System
 Protection of pre-stressed concrete pipes - Spain 
NOR 60 System, 24 km long
 La Girotte Dam - Savoie, France 
NOR 60 System
Protection of the concrete - upstream facing
 Storage Tanks and Pipelines - France 
High technology products for intensified anti-corrosion performances
For steel & concrete storage tanks & pipelines
 Bridge on the Versoix River - Switzerland 
Expressway Geneva -- Basel / Zurich
Watertightness and protection against carbonation and chlorides
NOR 450 and NOR 60 Systems
 Silkeborghus Building - Silkeborg, Danemark 
Rehabilitation of residential buildings: facades & balconies
Anti - carbonation
Built in 1959
Rehabilitated in 1988-90
Total surfaces: 5536m2
Waterproofing of submarine concrete structures - North Sea