NOR 60 - Abstract 
Summary of findings and conclusions of a four-year program of laboratory and field testing of hull coatings for icebreakers by the United States Coast Guard and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y. [...]
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 NORCO Systems for Bridges 
This section focuses on the NORCO systems for the rehabilitation and the protection of bridges.
Over 150 bridges have already been treated with success in many different climates.
In some countries the NORCO systems for the protection of bridges have become a standard. [...]
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 Technical Basic Concepts for the Offshore Industry 
The protection and the repairs of offshore, as well as all immersed structures, present difficult problems which are often poorly resolved by adapting on-shore techniques. This contention is generally valid whether the problems in hand involve paints, cathodic protection, special alloys, etc.
Paints, even when their application meets the highest standards under good working conditions, are quickly subject to mechanical and chemical damages. Maintenance, under marine con-ditions, is always difficult and costly. [...]
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 NOR 60 for Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Systems, Pipes - Manholes 
NOR 60 has been used extensively in sewage systems throughout the U.S.A., particularly in the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, etc. [...]
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